Each day World Rags sources in excess of 200,000 lb. or fiver trailer loads of salvage Clothing and Used Shoes. Each year we pay reputable charities millions of dollars annually for their unwanted clothing.

World Rags is a large buyer of mixed rags ,Credential Clothing, Used Shoes, Used Toys and Used accessories.We are interested in working with charities to develop long-term suppliers.

World Rags purchases used clothing only from reputable charities from all over North America. We Prepay for all our Loads. We can buy both Baled and loose clothing.

If you organization is interested in selling these goods to our Company, Please feel free to contact us.


11271 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77082 Suite H 101
Tel no: (713) 777-0014 Cell: (281) 216-1236 fax: (832)-201-7850
Email: worldrags@aol.com


World Rags Exports
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