A few Items that we always have available:

Stuffed Animals: All are so are carefully examined to ensure that only good quality items are included. We include a huge variety of color, types, and articles to ensue a happy customer. Packed in 1000 lbs bales with light compression but can be packed in 25 LB white poly weave bags, (Or according to your specifications.)*

Hard Toys: Available in Gaylord Boxes or in White Poly weave Bags as per customer specification

Belts and Purses: This Pack is a mixture of Belts and Purses. You will find a very wide variety of PURSES and BELTS in this pack. All items are in the best of condition. Each item is carefully examined to ensure that they are free of holes, stains, tears, and rips. They are usually packed in 1000 lbs bales but can be according to customer's specification.

Kitchenware: This is a mixture of all the items you can find in a Kitchen. Pots & pans , silverware , Plates .. NO electronics.



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